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Current Officers, Officers Elect, and Immediate Past Officers make up the Board of Directors for the International Association of University Presidents (IAUP), a registered not-for-profit Charity in the United Kingdom.  The Board of Directors is chaired by the Immediate Past President.  The Board of Directors is legally responsible for the management of the Charity and is the subject of Articles 15-17 of the Charity’s Articles.  The Board of Directors, among its general responsibility for the Charity’s affairs, is the main forum for discussing issues relating to the Charity's structure, and its policies and strategies, both internally and externally.

Current Presidency

Kakha Shengelia, Georgia - IAUP President
President, Caucasus University

Gerald Reisinger, Austria - IAUP Secretary General
President, FH Upper Austria

Nicolette DeVille Christensen, United States of America - IAUP Treasurer

Previous Presidency

Toyoshi Satow, Japan - Previous IAUP President and Chairman, IAUP Board of Directors
Chancellor, J.F. Oberlin University

Alvaro Romo, United States of America - Previous IAUP Secretary General
Special Advisor to the President of Osaka University of Commerce, Japan

Ichiro Tanioka, Japan - Previous IAUP Treasurer
President, Osaka University of Commerce and Chancellor, Tanioka Gakuen Educational Foundation

Upcoming Presidency

Fernando Leon Garcia, Mexico - IAUP President-elect
President, CETYS University

Fernando Galvan Reula, Spain - IAUP Secretary General-elect
President, University of Alcala

Shawn Chen, China - IAUP Treasurer-elect
President, SIAS University

International Association of University Presidents
809 United Nations Plaza
New York, NY 10017-3580

UK-registered Charity No. 1138160. Registered in England Company Number 06706658-
Registered Office Leofric House, Binley Road Coventry CV3 1JN

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